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Ray J had guaranteed that his and Kim Kardashian’s s*x tape from 2007 was spilled with Kris Jenner’s assistance. Kris as of late denied any contribution to it.

Kris Jenner has denied having any impact in the break of her little girl Kim Kardashian’s $*x tape with Ray J. The momager likewise stepped through an exam on a clearly false locator machine that concurred with her case. Kris said she was blissful the tales have been at last cleared up.

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Kris was gotten some information about Ray J’s cases on her association when she showed up on The Late Show with James Corden with her little girl Kylie Jenner. In the episode, she was connected to an untruth finder test, while James showed Kylie a disputable inquiry he planned to pose to her mother. While Kylie responded with ‘Good gracious,’ Kris seemed undaunted subsequent to hearing it.

James inquired, “Did you assist Kim with delivering her $*x tape,” attracting hoots from the crowd. Kris Jenner shook her head, and said, “It’s alright… No… No.” The falsehood identifier machine discovered that the unscripted television character was coming clean. James yelled at this, “obviously it’s valid,” while a cheerful Kris added, “Bless your heart! Gracious, that’s what I like, we cleared that up.”


Vocalist entertainer Ray J had guaranteed in May this year that he never released his and Kim’s $*x tape in 2007, and said that the video was coursed as a component of an arrangement between him, Kim, and Kris. He said via online entertainment, “spilled nothing. I have never released a $*x tape in my life. It has never been a break. It’s forever been an arrangement and an organization between Kris Jenner and Kim and me and we’ve forever been accomplices starting from the start of this thing.”

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Ray J had let Day day Mail know that Kim gave her mom their $*x tape, and the last option imparted it to Striking Diversion. He likewise added that there were two more $*x tapes, that are currently in Kim’s control. He said that the presumption that he released the tape is ‘the greatest lie in the business throughout the entire existence of amusement.’

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