Rabi Pirzada Discloses Story of Leaked Videos

Rabi Pirzada Discloses Story of Leaked Videos: Lollywood’s previous pop artist, lyricist, and TV have Rabi Pirzada has picked the way of religion since she bid goodbye to the showbiz business after her compromised pictures and recordings were released web-based in November 2019.

During her very long-term profession, Rabi stayed at the core of a few contentions and outrages. As of late, she showed up in Nadir Ali’s web recording and discussed her 2019 video embarrassment.

“I had been a defiant individual since my young life,” she began her answer when Ali got some information about the embarrassment.

“The outrage had happened in view of my family,” Rabi Pirzada said without delving into the subtleties that how that episode was connected to her loved ones.

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Naming it a misfortune, she bemoaned over the manner in which individuals responded to it. “I was stunned by individuals’ words and conduct and the people who sent my recordings”.

She reviewed that it was the public responses that had killed Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who was found dead at his home days after his confidential recordings were released on the web.

Rabi Pirzada – following three years – has gotten serious about her video spill outrage that how she was crushed by individuals’ response.

The previous Pakistani pop vocalist was welcome to Nadir Ali’s Web recording as late, where she uncovered that everything happened on account of her loved ones.

During the meeting, Ali got some information about the time her confidential recordings got spilled and how she adapted to the kickback.

She answered that anything that occurred in her life was a result of her family thus it made no issue between them.

Notwithstanding, she said, she would rather not examine it further in light of certain issues, naming it a ‘misfortune of her life.

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She added that she was broken by individuals’ words and ways of behaving. They made tomfoolery out of somebody’s wretchedness only for a few likes and perspectives.

The episode was so overpowering for her as Rabi Pirzada said that she used to revile individuals while remaining before Khana Kaaba.

Later in the web recording, Ali asked her where she had vanished after the occasion since she had deserted her virtual entertainment accounts where she used to be dynamic oftentimes.

She said that she was crushed by individuals’ responses around then yet that pushed her towards Allah.

She accepts that all that has occurred in her life was to her benefit.

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