Overdose (Hideo kojima) offscreen gameplay trailer finally surfaces

Overdose (Hideo Kojima) offscreen gameplay trailer finally surfaces: We as a whole are anticipating what’s happening from Hideo Kojima. It’s been bound to happen, yet Kojima likes to play a round of confusion we’re still a piece befuddled about the number of ventures that he’s growing at present.

What we can be sure of is that one of them is Excess, which we discussed as of late, as Tom Henderson point by point and separated a confidential trailer that had been displayed to not many individuals.

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The Excess trailer showed ongoing interaction of a repulsiveness computer game, where entertainer Margaret Qualley (Mom in Death Abandoning) wears a blue dress. Toward the finish of the recording, a Game Over sign is displayed close to the recognizable “A Hideo Kojima game” text.

All things considered, at long last an offscreen video of Excess has at long last spilled.

Appreciate it. Furthermore, keep an eye out throughout a previous couple of moments. Be cautioned.

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