Did Soon-To-Be Irish PM Leo Varadkar Just Get Spotted Cheating On His Partner?

Did Soon-To-Be Irish PM Leo Varadkar Just Get Spotted Cheating On His Partner: Was straightforwardly gay Irish legislator (and prospective Top state leader of the country) Leo Varadkar found undermining his sweetheart Matthew Barratt in a club? A video posted by TikTok client @seanfox123 has individuals pondering.

The video shows Varadker offering an energetic kiss to a man while Sovereign Bey plays behind the scenes.

“Not the state leader of Ireland betraying his significant other while Beyoncé plays behind the scenes 😭😭😭😭”

While some rushed to expect that Varadkar was venturing out on his accomplice, others accept it’s really a video of the two sharing an (extremely hot) kiss.

“@msyonceslay Oooo – kissing in a club. Stunning! No doubt, I’ve done that with young men and young ladies. First – It’s not cheating. Kissing doesn’t approach coupling. Second, you have no clue about what the relationship boundaries are, so it’s still possibly not swindling regardless of whether it prompts coupling.”

“@msyonceslay The canines in the city here in Ireland realizes he is in an open relationship. Don’t bother him.”

“@msyonceslay Pause, I’m confounded, first he’s not wedded, he doesn’t have a spouse. Second, the person he’s kissing seems as though his sweetheart (has a similar hairstyle and right on the money his hairline) yet I may be off-base”

“@msyonceslay Do we have any idea about what the limits of their relationship are? You all fail to remember that open connections are really normal. However, kindly keep crimping disgracing”

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